Solidarity with Pakistan: GEN statement

At its International Members’ Meeting on 11 September the Global Ecosocialist Network agreed the following statement in solidarity with the people of Pakistan

The Global Ecosocialist Network sends deep sympathy and solidarity to the people of Pakistan who have suffered so grievously from the deadly floods that have affected tens of millions of lives and killed thousands.

We are well aware that this catastrophe is by no means just a ‘natural disaster’ but is the result of Climate change generated by capitalism in which the people of Pakistan have played little or no part. We whole heartedly support the call for damages and compensation from the imperialist countries who are the principle polluters and we urge, wherever possible, international solidarity from below so that desperately needed aid reaches the hands of activists on the ground.

We also recognise that these terrible events will be replicated on an escalating scale in Pakistan itself, across the subcontinent, and internationally unless emergency action to curb climate change is taken globally.

That is why we insist on the need for system change and a break with ecocidal capitalism.


DisclaimerOpinions expressed in articles are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of other members of the Global Ecosocialist Network

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