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An online Global Climate Jobs conference was held on September 17-18, 2022. The
conference’s underlying assumptions were presented by Jonathan Neale in this video:

It was organized by a loose formation called the Global Climate Jobs Network. The conference included approximately 70 activists from 15 countries, included the UK, Norway, the United States, South Africa, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Turkey.

Two outstanding aspects of the conference were (1) a keen sense, through reports coming from
Asia and Africa, that the cascading climate catastrophe has already begun, and (2) the feeling
among participants regarding the importance of connecting with, comparing notes with, and
learning from like-minded activists in various situations and countries.

The conference sessions included: How Do We Cut Emissions; Climate Politics, Racism, and
Refugees; Food and Farming; Fossil Fuel Workers and Climate Jobs; Eco-Feminism; Building
Climate Jobs Campaigns; From Resistance to a Just Transition; Strategic Orientation for the
Climate Justice Movement. Recordings of all presentations can be found here:

Next steps agreed upon were: 1) developing workshops and training to help facilitate effective
educational efforts, organizing, and campaigning for climate justice on an international scale;
and 2) organizing a larger, broader Global Climate Jobs conference, probably for late 2023. The
hope is that these efforts will contribute to the crystallization an increasingly effective
international movement of activists capable to challenging and pushing back causes of the
climate crisis.
I would urge that the Global Ecosocialist Network consider becoming involved in these efforts.

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