Solidarity with Rail workers strikes in Britain

The GEN International Members Meeting on 26 June voted to send a message of solidarity to RMT (Railway, Maritime and Transport) Union in their dispute to defend public transport and their members jobs, pay and conditions. Here is the message sent:

To the RMT


Dear Sisters and Brothers


We at the Global Ecosocialist Network ( ) send our solidarity and support to the RMT in its current magnificent struggle against the Railway employers and the Tory government. As a global association of ecosocialists, with members on all six continents and many individual , who believe the main driver of climate change and environmental catastrophe is the capitalist drive for profit we regard the defence and expansion of public transport, run for the people not for profit, as being of central importance. It is a crucial part of the whole struggle for a just transition. Your fight is our fight! Victory to the RMT.

In solidarity

John Molyneux

GEN coordinator

On behalf of the GEN International Members Meeting



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John Molyneux
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